We’ve been around for a while. Long enough to understand where digital has come from, smart enough to see where it is now and hopefully futuristic enough to have at least some idea of where it’s going.

We are part of the Extension family, a leading marketing & creative agency.

We share offices in South Melbourne. Some of us love cats, others hate apples. There are differences, there are similarities but together we provide a full service line that spans marketing, advertising, branding and digital.

The Bunch



Jon brings the "ke-ting" to marketing. Jon's experience crossed with his ability to identify emerging trends gives strategic firepower to our clients. Jon is a saltwater tragic and loves to kite board. Jon works from 8am to 22 knots.

Jon Jon
Joel Joel


UX | Developer

Joel is all things front end and making websites zing. Joel has a keen eye on what makes a great website, both for visual appeal and usability.

When he puts down the keyboard and energy drinks, you’ll find Joel skating. (Actually he probably never puts down the energy drinks)


Head of Design

Sam is our sense of design. With his broad experience and his innate eye for detail, he brings the visual punch that differentiates our client's campaigns.

When Sam puts down the loupe you can find him checking the snow report and preparing the rails of his snowboard.

Sam Sam
Ryan Ryan



Ryan is all things code. He has a broad skill base that stretches both front end and back end code. He has the steady hands and focus to see the project through from start to finish.

Ryan has a fetish for keyboards and headphones. On the side he's busy tinkering with Arduino and building bikes. And oh, he's into coffee and cats.



Nadia makes the pixels sing. With a strong sense of design for the digital space, Nadia gives our websites the balance of flair and usability. With a strong eye for emerging digital trends and design aesthetic our sites are on the forefront.

Nadia is a summer fanatic and also loves all things fashion. Did someone say shoes, handbags and jewellery?

nadia nadia